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Sensory and analytically selected wines from the best available in the market.

Define Lofty

"Elevated in character and spirit".

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About the wines

A unique range of top quality wines at affordable prices.

Olsen Lofti’s Choice 2018 is a unique blend of red wine with all the qualities to fit into the “affordable top quality” range of blended red wines. The wines are sensory and analytically selected from the best available in the market.

Only a limited quantity of bottles will be available. The wines are bottled in light weight bottles under the Stellvin screw cap. The initiative is to sell the content (not the expensive bottle) with an easy to open closure.

The wines will be available alongside the producers own range of wines; with the Lofti’s Choice indication on the label. Sales will only be online from the producer’s web page.

Background on Lofti’s Choice

Loftie Ellis is a wine consultant who studied winemaking at Stellenbosch and has done research as a wine chemist. He was a lecturer in winemaking at Stellenbosch University and Elsenburg Agricultural College.

In 1997 he started Wine Quality Consultants, a Company providing technical advice to the wine industry. WQC has more than 300 clients and most services are assessment of producer’s wines before bottling, identification of problems, insurance claims, expert in legal cases etc.

Loftie has access to several of the best wines in the industry and is therefore in the ideal position to select the best wines for Lofti’s Choice.


R180 per bottle or R1080 per box of 6

Only direct sales from Olsen Private Vineyards:
Free delivery for 6 bottles or more

Office: +27 21 862 3653
Armand Botha: +27 83 400 1909